Occupational Therapy

Paediatric Occupational Therapists can work with children of all ages and their families, to help enhance skills necessary for their everyday life including playing, getting dressed and handwriting.  

Occupational Therapists assess and provide treatment for a child if they are having difficulty in any of their occupational roles as a player, peer, student, friend or family member.  Occupational therapy involves the use of therapeutic activities to improve self-care, play and school activities to improve a child’s sensory, physical, academic, social and emotional skills.  

An Occupational Therapist may be able to help if your child: 

  • is behind in development in respect to his/her peers in fine motor, gross motor and/or cognitive abilities

  • exhibits slow development in achieving independence in self-care skills – dressing, toileting, feeding and/or grooming.

  • avoids drawing, cutting, fiddly tasks and other fine motor activities.

  • finds handwriting difficult to produce and with poor legibility ( reversal of letters and numbers, incorrectly formed number etc.)

  • inefficient pencil grip

  • is slow/reluctant to complete written work.

  • produces written work that is significantly below the standard of the rest of their class/age group.

  • exhibits a slow processing speed.

  • exhibits difficulty in following instructions, or maintaining attention and focus.

The Occupational Therapist works with the family, teacher and other health

professionalin a comprehensive client centred approach to treatment.

Occupational Therapy is process oriented and can work with the child’s teacher at

school to achieve the best result possible. The therapist may also assist in exploring

alternatives such as typing for children who continue to have

difficulties with handwriting despite professional intervention.

The Occupational Therapist at NBSLR see children in both individual and group

sessions in their treatment rooms at NBSLR or in the school setting.  They welcome

the opportunity to liaise with teachers and other health professionals  in the planning

and treatment of their client to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach

to treatment.

In addition to these core services we offer groups during the school holidays

for school readiness, handwriting and fine motor development.

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