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Northern Beaches Speech, Language & Reading (NBSLR) is a specialist paediatric speech pathology practice located in the heart of the Northern Beaches.

We provide children and adolescents with speech, language, and literacy therapy delivered by specialist speech and language pathologists who are certified practicing members/speech pathologists registered with Speech Pathology Australia. We provide a centre of excellence on the Northern Beaches offering a wide range of approaches to literacy and communication difficulties while keeping up with trends and new, innovative therapy techniques.

Our People
Anne Grogan 

B.App. Sc. (Speech Pathology)​, MSPA, CPSP

Anne is a qualified speech and language pathologist with over 30 years experience. She has worked in a variety of public clinics, including Mt Wilga Rehabilitation Centre and Community Health Centres but has spent the last 25 years in private practice. Anne has extensive experience in working with literacy, ADHD and auditory processing difficulties using the Lindamood and Visualising Verbalising Programs to improve reading, spelling, listening and comprehension skills. She has a particular interest in tongue tie, dyspraxia and severe articulation disorders. She has been a clinical supervisor for Sydney University and a speaker and advisor to the Down Syndrome Association.

Lauren Reid

B.App. Sc. (Speech Pathology) M.Ed (Spec.Ed), MSPA, CPSP

Lauren graduated in speech pathology from Sydney University (then known as Cumberland College of Health Sciences) in 1986. Her early employment history included working in adult rehabilitation, foreign accent reduction, reading and writing classes for adults through TAFE, at local hospitals and health centres as a paediatric therapist, and for a number of years as a special needs teacher at a pre school.  In 1997 Lauren began working in private practice as a sole practitioner. At the time with three young boys attending local schools and pre schools Lauren was able to develop a wide network of familiarity with teachers, and a deep understanding of curriculum requirements.

Lauren has a commitment to ongoing professional development and has a special interest in school age language and literacy, and is trained in MULTILIT and The Spalding Method ®. Other areas of interest include pre school speech and language, dyspraxia, stuttering, articulation and phonological disorders and school readiness.

Lauren is currently booking clients on Monday and Wednesday mornings. 

Amy Mulkearns

Amy specialises in assessing and treating pre-school and school-aged children with speech, language, fluency and literacy skills difficulties. She has a particular interest in helping children with speech impairments as well as children with reading and spelling difficulties. Amy is trained in the Spalding Method and Lindamood-Bell: Seeing Stars® for literacy and the Lidcombe Program for stuttering. Amy is also a  Hanen: It Takes Two To Talk ® certified therapist, is trained in the BLADES adding meaning and interaction to language method and is a trained Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist (ABA).

Anna McKenna 
Bch. App. Sc. (Speech Pathology), MSPA, CPSP

 Anna has extensive experience working as a Speech Pathologist and has a special interest in the areas of early intervention and disability. Anna has worked within a range of settings in Australia and in Ireland, where she lived and worked for 10 years as the Senior Speech Pathologist of an early intervention team.  Anna’s experience includes working with children with a range of disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and intellectual disability, as well as children presenting with developmental delay and general speech and language delay.  After many years working closely within an interdisciplinary team with a range of health professionals, Anna provides a holistic approach to early communication development and her specialist skills lie within early intervention (0-8 years).   Anna is trained in the use of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), the TEACCH approach, Hanen It Takes Two to Talk program, Makaton and the use of alternative and augmentative communication (AAC), Therapeutic Listening, the Diagnostic Interview of Social Communication Disorders (DISCO), Floortime and Sensory Integration.

Amy Leigh Stein 
(BAppSc- SpPath, MSPA, CPSP)

Amy specialises in assessing and treating preschool and school age children with speech, language, literacy, learning, fluency and social skills difficulties. Amy has a particular interest in helping children who have spelling and writing difficulties, speech impairments as well as poor social skills. Amy is a Spalding trained therapist. The Spalding method is a total language arts approach, providing instructions in spelling, writing, listening, reading decoding and comprehension, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary. Amy is also trained in the Alex Kelly Social Skills Talkabout program.

Caroline Fewtrell 
(B. Speech Pathology (Hons.), MSPA, CPSP)

Caroline specialises in treating and assessing children of pre-school and school age with speech, language and literacy difficulties. She has gained experience in conducting the IDL computer program, a multi-sensory approach to improve reading and spelling. She also has experience in teaching children and teenagers to use the assistive literacy program Clicker-7, experience administering the Lidcombe Program for stuttering as well as running groups based language therapy in schools and in the clinic. She is a Hanen: It Takes Two To Talk ® certified therapist. Caroline has an interest in feeding difficulties in children and has completed training courses with Sarah Starr.  Caroline is dedicated to delivering quality, evidence-based practice to all clients.Caroline is also recently trained in PEERS for young adults, which is a group based approach to working on social and interactional skills.

Erinn Lyon
 (B. Speech Pathology (Hons.), MSPA, CPSP)

Erinn specialises in assessing and treating pre-school and school age children with speech, language and literacy difficulties. Erinn has experience in administering the Lidcombe Program for stuttering as well as experience in running group-based language therapy. She has gained experience in conducting the IDL computer program, a multi-sensory approach to improve reading and spelling. Erinn has also completed the Seven Steps to Writing Success course and is a Spalding trained therapist. The Spalding Method is a total language arts approach, providing instruction in spelling, writing, listening, reading decoding and comprehension, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary.

Erinn is now proficient in working with children experiencing orofacial myology difficulties.

Sarah Archer
 (B. Speech Pathology (Hons.), MSPA, CPSP)


Sarah is a mum of three children and has over a decade of experience working as a Speech Pathologist. Sarah has a special interest in early intervention; helping babies, preschool and school aged children from 0-8 years. She has completed extra training in feeding (SOS approach), early language programs (Hanen, It takes two to talk), Autism (More Than Words and Talkability) and literacy programs (The Spalding Method and Multilit Pre Lit programs).

Sarah has extensive experience working with children who have a range of disabilities and delays. She has a special interest working with children with Autism and social communication difficulties.

Sarah has worked in a variety of teams and settings in Sydney, Perth and the UK. She believes the best approach is working in partnership with a child's family and team to help reach their communication potential. 

Lauren Brincat 
BA(Psych)Hons BEd(Sec:HumSocSc) Syd MAPS JP –

Lauren is a Registered Psychologist (Generalist). She graduated from the University of Sydney in 2009 with honours in psychology and a specialisation in school counselling. Lauren has strong skills in the areas of psychological and educational assessment, working collaboratively with families to provide targeted interventions for children and adolescents with a variety of needs including learning disorders, anxiety and developmental disabilities. She also has extensive experience working with academically and intellectually gifted children. In private practice, Lauren has supported adult and adolescent clients in managing relationships, depression, sleep disorders and other life challenges affecting wellbeing.

 Lauren utilises elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy with her clients to work towards positive change. Her compassionate child-centred approach assists to develop trust and rapport with younger clients while assisting parents to support their child’s emotional wellbeing through tailored evidence-based parenting education. Other areas of interest include grief and loss, separation difficulties, gender dysphoria, childhood depression and self-harm.

Lauren is also a qualified secondary English teacher and a parent of two boys. She is currently studying a Master of Suicidology through Griffith University/Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention and was awarded the 2017 Griffith Award for Academic Excellence. Lauren is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia.

Tess McLean

B. Education (Primary)

Tess McLean is a Primary Teacher with ten years experience working in different primary schools including Kincoppal Rose Bay and Queenwood School for Girls. Tess provides specialist tutoring for all of the Key Learning Areas but is particularly passionate about supporting students with Literacy and enhancing their writing skills. Tess uses the Seven Steps writing program to inspire students to not only improve their writing skills but also to develop a love for writing. This program isolates writing skills into individual steps to ensure that students don't get overwhelmed with writing the whole piece. Tess works with students both individually and in groups and allows students the time to enhance specific skills, such as planning and editing, which the classroom curriculum doesn't always allow time for. 


Our receptionists Janiece Bate and Sheree Bownes are available to take your calls and answer your queries about your child. Janiece and Sheree have been working in our practice for a number of years and have an excellent understanding of business management and needs of clients. 


In term four NBSLR will be welcoming students to our practice for the invaluable opportunity to learn from our expert staff. These students will be completing the fourth year of their Masters in Speech and Language Pathology at Sydney University.

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